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Tonomy ID supports the following developer features. Take advantage of these features in your applications by integrating with the Tonomy SDK.

Read the White Paper for more details: Tonomy ID - White Paper

Single Sign On

Users can sign into applications integrated with Tonomy ID.

It's like Google Sign On, but without having third party (Google) storing user data and authentication secrets


Turn the user's mobile phone into an authenticator with sovereign digital signatures.

Signatures are non-repudiate and show proof that the user and only the user signed it, and are associated to the app the signature was made in.


  • W3C Verifiable Credentials
  • Package authentication to your server
  • Documents (PDFs)
  • Smart Contract Transactions
  • Use provable Multi-factor authentication

Sovereign Data Vault

Use Tonomy ID to store data (user-generated or not). This effectively turns Tonomy ID into a decentralized data storage system.

Apps can request verifiable data from other applications to speed up form-filling and onboarding processes.

Peer-to-peer messaging

Send messages between users in your application, or even to users of other applications.

Easy to send.

Secure, private, end-to-end encrypted.