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Register your application

You need to register your application details so that they can be displayed to the user when they sign into your application. You can currently do this with the Tonomy CLI. In the future you shall be able to do this through the Tonomy Developer Console.

Step 1. Creating a key

A private key is used to manage a Tonomy App. Save this key in a safe place.

yarn run cli keys create

Step 2: (Optional) Configure for a custom Tonomy network

If you are using the Demo network, skip this step.

Modify the demoConfig variable in src/cli/bootstrap/settings.ts to point to the correct Antelope blockchain API and use the right username suffix.

    blockchainUrl: 'change me!!',
    accountSuffix: 'change me!!',

Run yarn run build:cli

Step 3. Register a new Tonomy App

export NODE_ENV=demo
yarn run cli apps create appName username description logoUrl domain publicKey blockchainUrl

# example
export NODE_ENV=demo
yarn run cli apps create Netflix netflix "streaming video platform" "" "" PUB_K1_55csjge6LNnLxECFTtTpCU6Z7chi3h47G8vyzPBjAKdvZmnZ8Z "http://localhost:8888"